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I would wonder how many of us would take up a Rejection Challenge – you want to listen to the first episode!

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Calamitous 60 Day Experiment

Have to share my story. Practical in nature, I guess I want this to be a teaching. . . maybe it has a bit of “significance” for one of you. That’s what I do here – this will be for Our Higher Good.

So, I was hours away from reaching my healthy weight goal. I’d been aiming for a number on the scale by this year’s birthday. The journey had been rugged all year with few successes until the last few months when I started to see the pounds slowly drop off AND, best of all, I was actually feeling well, not lousy!

At the time, two days away from my 58th birthday, when grocery shopping, I started to fantasize about something I had heard. It was exciting to imagine that maybe this certain European rye bread was safe for me to eat . I have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and you probably know that wheat, rye and barley are definitely on the “no way” list. Well, at the time, my craving for a sandwich and the “reduced sale price” were too much. I fell for the idea, bought a few of those loaves and hurried home to make up some sandwiches.  The slices were thin so I enjoyed a few. I had hoped to get away with it but it wasn’t but an hour or two and I began to have significant cramps and bloating.

Oh yes, and this one mis-step demoralized me to the point that other foods I’d previously determined were intolerable, given my sensitive stomach, were getting past my lips!

Turn around time? So long! Residual damage? Of course. Wishful thinking is very costly. Personal calamities are so awkward to explain and even worse is the self-forgiveness required (esp. for the perfectionist). Detox


The Story of DNA

I’m a story collector and so are you! 

When we recover and heal it makes a beautiful story.  I have The Slow Down Diet written by Marc David and I love what he teaches on metabolism. Whenever we want to recover from something we must first explore our hidden thoughts and feelings about that something.

“Because we are cognitive beings, every cognitive state has its biochemical equivalent.” (p. 143).

Experiences in life can thwart health and cause damage to the body.   It’s really common for our feelings to be neglected or hurt and the mind reports this. The feeling of low self-worth settles on us and causes a stress-response, physiologically. Then this informs our metabolisms and impairs digestion, ability to burn calories, causes headaches, etc.


Some will identify with this. “Negativity creates a physiologic stress-response, which means oxygen depletion, free-radical formation, and the production of chemicals that are inflammatory, mutagenic, autoimmune, and cytotoxic. Put a positive spin on your personal fable and you create the chemistry of relaxation and pleasure, which catalyzes oxygenation, circulation, immunity, nutrient assimilation, calorie burning, and cellular regeneration. The science is simple and straightforward.” (p. 147)

It is important to put a positive spin on the story we author.

“Oftentimes what stops us from letting go of unwanted habits in the present is how we interpret our story from the past. Hidden beneath the radar of our conscious awareness, we carry tales from another time that burden us with their weight. And the more we try to escape our unredeemed past, the more it holds us in an invisible grip.” (p. 155)

“Whatever benefits you expect to be yours at the end of your dietary efforts, simply receive them in the beginning.” (p. 152)

Yes, but isn’t this huge, you ask? I agree. Whatever grips us is tough and really requires huge effort to be free, sometimes. It was for me with a number of complicated overlapping health issues and resulting weight gain.

Sometimes the simple “act as if” habit is enough and the body responds when we “act as if”. I did my best with this approach but, having multiple issues simultaneously, physical strength was compromised from the energy drain, day after day.


I trust God with everything concerning my life and my Christian friends. This one day a group of friends offered to say prayers for me and that was an exciting thing. My darkness lifted and I felt like I was hitting the ball again instead of striking out! I had hope again. Then I started “acting as if” and in just a short time I experienced renewed energy, better sleeping, a loss in body weight, and so much more. I have never had this experience before. Marc David calls it simple and straightforward! I call it powerful!

How have you been successful in authoring your DNA story?

“Something wonderful begins to happen with the simple realization that life, like an automobile, is driven from the inside out, not the other way around.” Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Richard Carlson.